National commission for Refugees & IDPs (NCRI)



The Commission

The National Commission for Refugees and IDPs (NCRI) was created after the 1977 war between Somalia and Ethiopian in which close to a million Somali -Ethiopian refugees sought refuge in Somalia. Most of those have returned to their country after the collapse of the Somali State in 1991. Like all other national institutions the NCR also have become defunct for all these years until the resurrection of the Somali State and the advent of the current Somali Federal Government (SFG).Today over a million Somalis from Somalia are refugees in neighboring countries and another over a million Somalis are internally displaced persons in the country. Unlike other permanent national institutions, the existence of refugees and IDPs inside and outside Somalia determines the raison deter of NCR. Today, its mandate and mission revolves around all issues pertaining to Somali refugees outside the country and IDPs inside the country. The National Commission for Refugees & IDPs (NCRI) has been re- set up on the 28th of July 2013 by a decision of the Council of Ministers after dis-operation caused by mayhem that the country experience during the past two decades. On this bases the President of the Republic appointed Mr. Ahmed Nur by Presidential Decree No: 102 of 30th July 2013 as Commissioner of this Commission, to ensure that there is a Somali partner to work with our bilateral and multilateral partners to solve this pressing problem. A law is presently under preparation by the Federal Parliament that will formally establish the National Commission in the very near future. The Commission will operate in a fully transparent manner to the highest international standards, and will set up an internationally recognized financial management system. 6The National Commission is an Independent Commission at the Federal Government Level in line with Arts. 110/111 of the Provisional Constitution of the Federal Republic of Somalia will be responsible for all matters concerning internally displaced persons (IDPs), Returnees and Refugees in Somalia, and shall, in that capacity, co-ordinate activities and programs relating to Persons of Concern. This is without prejudice to and does not alleviate or affect the primary role and responsibility of the Government as a whole to assist and protect its displaced citizens on account that they are nationals of the Federal Republic of Somalia. National Commission shall be headed by a Commissioner, appointed by a decree of the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia on the proposal of the Council of Ministers for a period of five years (5), and from now be shall be called (The Commissioner).

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