National commission for Refugees & IDPs (NCRI)



The Commissioner

The Commissioner is the Chairperson of the Board of Directors and the General Manager of the National Commission and is responsible for the execution of the National Commission’s day to day activities in accordance with the internal regulations of the Board of Directors, the policies and laws of the Federal Republic and shall have the following specific responsibilities:

1. To supervise and manage of the day to day work of the National Commission and its staff.

2. To coordinate the National Commission’s relations with the relevant governmental institutions, asylum countries of the Somali refugees and the humanitarian agencies on issues relating the Persons of c Concern.

3. To strengthen the cooperation with other Federal agencies and Regional authorities in order to pave the way for harmonious return, resettlement and reintegration of the persons of concern.

4. To prepare an annual budget of the National Commission and present it to the House of the People after its approval by the Board of Directors.

5. To develop a National Strategic Plan for the repatriation, resettlement and reintegration of the Persons of Concern, which will be debated and approved by the Board of Directors?

6. To insure the implementation of the National Strategic Plan so as to insure the protection of the rights and the human dignity of the Persons of Concern in accordance to the rules and regulations of the country and the international norms governing the issues of refugees and IDP’s.

7. To establish executive departments and advisory bodies with the approval of the Board of Directors and supervising its work plans each in its field of expertise by mobilizing material and human resources to support programs effectively and timely.

8. To design realistic programs that would provide the returnees and IDP’s the means by which to rebuild their lives in order to self-sustain and take part in rebuilding of their country.

9. To sign agreements with relevant members of the international community, humanitarian organizations, and the host countries of the refugees in order to facilitate repatriation of the refugees according to the relevant laws.

10. To prepare a yearly report for the House of the People and provide regular briefings to the President and the Council of Ministers on the situation of the National Commission.

11. The Commissioner represents the National Commission inside and outside of the country.

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